Weather and Paving Repair

Protecting Your Pavement From the Elements

Probably the main cause of damage to pavements is the harsh weather conditions. Extreme cold and severe heat can take a toll on your pavement. Here are insights from your paving repair experts that you might want to know:

Rain’s Toll on Pavement When raindrops come tumbling down, they can cause more harm than you might think. The water can seep into cracks and make them bigger, weakening your pavement over time. To protect your pavement, make sure there are proper drainage paths, like sloping away from your home, to keep rainwater from pooling on the surface.

Sun’s Sneaky Influence Sunshine isn’t just about smiles – it can be harsh on your pavement too. The sun’s UV rays break down the pavement’s surface, making it more prone to cracks and fading. Shield your pavement by applying a protective seal coat every few years. This simple step can go a long way in preventing sun-related damage.

Freeze and Thaw Foes When temperatures drop, your pavement can take a beating. Water that seeps into cracks can freeze, causing the cracks to expand. This can lead to potholes and more extensive damage. Try to fill in cracks as soon as you spot them, and consider using de-icing agents sparingly to prevent further damage during freezing weather.

Winter’s Icy Grip Snow and ice might be pretty, but they can wreak havoc on your pavement. Shoveling and plowing can cause abrasions, and the freeze-thaw cycle can worsen existing cracks. To protect your pavement, use plastic shovels and avoid scraping too hard. Applying a de-icer before a snowfall can also help prevent ice from bonding to the pavement.

Tree Troubles While trees offer shade and beauty, their roots can be pavement’s secret enemy. Tree roots seeking water and nutrients can push against your pavement, causing it to crack and buckle. Consider planting trees away from your pavement, and if you already have trees nearby, regular root pruning can help keep their growth in check.

Vehicle Wear and Tear Your trusty vehicles might be causing more damage than you realize. Heavy vehicles or those with sharp edges can wear down the pavement over time, leading to depressions and cracks. Be mindful of where you park and avoid sharp turns on your pavement. If you notice depressions forming, consider redistributing the weight by parking elsewhere.

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