Paving Contractor Tips for Driveways

Best Paving Materials for Your Driveway  

Does your home or business need some new paving? If so, it can be difficult choosing between the different paving materials available today. As old as this craft may be, new ideas are always being implemented, so the list of available materials is endless.

To help you find the best material, we will provide you with 3 tried but true paving materials in this post, as provided by our JO Brick Paving Inc paving contractor.


It is easy to see why gravel is still considered a popular paving material that is still used today. Although it does come with numerous maintenance issues, the initial installation fee is low.

Aesthetically speaking, gravel is a versatile paving option and offers a range of appearances, from grey to various other color palettes. The crushed stone offers a vibrant texture, and the final product can be as eye-catching as it is practical.


Concrete paving is also a reliable option when it comes to driveways. Despite its high installation cost, concrete is still a low maintenance material, thus making it more cost-effective in the long run.

Very similar to gravel, concrete can offer homeowners an array of design choices that range from the very basic to the more elaborate, and it can be finished in various textures and colors. Also, you have the option of adding aggregate to the mixture that will help provide contrast.


Asphalt paving is another very popular choice, more so in colder climates. Due to the material’s malleability, it is extremely resilient when faced with continuous freeze-thaw cycles. This is helped also by its slick black surface, which will retain heat well.

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