How to Know You Have Hired a Good Paving Contractor

High Quality Versus Low-Quality Asphalt Paving

There’ is so much more involved in a good asphalt paving job than just a flat lot. The quality needs to be measured by the years of low-maintenance, reliable service, and cost savings. To help you choose a high-quality paving contractor from a poor one, below is a list of the features and specifications that you need to watch out for.

Good Foundation Work

All new paving must come with a solid subgrade and aggregate base. Meaning that any loose, soft, wet dirt has to be replaced with a compacted rock base that will stabilize the earth and support the paving above. Otherwise, it will only be a matter of time before daily use starts to wear it down.

Smooth Transitions

Take a look at the border between the new paving and other surfaces, curbs, or drains. The transitions must be both smooth and even, without any bump as cars or trucks drive over them. This will significantly improve weight transfer, in addition to drainage, and is indicative of a quality project.

Water Drainage

This is the biggest threat to any asphalt paving, and will often damage the surface in various ways. New asphalt must always have a good slope and drainage performance in order to keep water running off and draining down into the earth or through other systems. It should never pool on or near the surface.

Using the Right Asphalt Mix

Asphalt can be mixed in various ways and proportions. This will often impact the material’s strength and final appearance. Most mixes are designed for different applications, ranging from roads, highways, parking lots, and driveways, so make sure the mix used for your project is suitable.

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