Gravel Driveway Tips

Life Expectancy of a Gravel Driveway

A gravel driveway, when installed properly, can last up to 10 years with regular maintenance. The variation in age will often be determined by the slope that your driveway has, the number of curves, the stability of the subgrade, and the climate that you live in. It can also be determined by the water drainage that surrounds the driveway.

Raking a Driveway

If you want to know how to keep your driveway clean, you should invest in a good rake. A heavy-duty rake that is specifically made for gravel allows you to sift through the gravel and remove debris that typically builds up in loose gravel. Raking will also help to even out the gravel and fill in any bare areas that have developed due to wind, rain, or traffic. Removing debris from your driveway will also help to improve the amount of traction your wheels get when driving over it.


Bare spots can be filled in using redistributed gravel through raking, however, potholes cannot be fixed this way. To repair potholes, you will need to reapply gravel and then compact it using a heavy roller. If not, the same potholes will just carry on reappearing.

Leave an Inch of Snow

Snow is typically shoveled off of sidewalks and driveways because it significantly reduces the amount of traction a vehicle’s tires have. However, gravel can provide natural traction. In fact, you can leave a full inch of snow on a gravel driveway without having to sacrifice traction or safety. This allows you to avoid displacing gravel using snow shovels or plows and helps to keep as much gravel in your driveway as possible.

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