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JO Brick Paving Inc is a company that is wanted for reliable and affordable paving and building services. As a reputable paving contractor in Long Grove, IL, we want to present our list of Frequently Asked Questions for your attention. Look at the answers as well, and give our team a call if anything is unclear or you have something else to ask us.

What material do you use to install pavements?

Our technicians use high-quality brick pavers to create a smooth, hard surface for the outdoors. We use these pavers to create patios, outdoor steps, pathways, driveways, and retaining walls. Sometimes, our contractor utilizes materials of different colors to create unique mosaic patterns.

Are your services available for residential and commercial projects?

Yes, we offer residential and commercial paving installation and repair services. In addition, you can also reach our company for the construction of entrance ways, walls, fire pits, and any other type of brickwork and stonework. We carry our power washing, as well.

Are your employees experienced?

Yes, our team members have 25 years in the industry.

Will you buy all the materials for me?

We buy them at reasonable prices and also deliver the necessary tools and equipment for the project. Our technicians will plan everything step by step so to ensure smooth and hassle-free work.

Will the pavers look good around my home?

They come in a great variety of sizes, materials, and colors. But we are experts who will help you select the most impressive and durable driveway pavers to complement your home or business.

Can you help me plan my budget?

Of course. First and foremost, JO Brick Paving Inc provides services at very reasonable rates in Long Grove, IL. Second, our specialists will provide a detailed bid after we specify all the details of your project. We will tell you how much we charge for materials and labor. Some discounts depend on the work!

What is the typical size of pavers?

They generally come in sizes of 8” x 8”, 12”x 12”, and 24” x 24”.

Do you have a business license?

Yes, our company has a business license.

How long does it take for you to lay a driveway?

The size of the driveway is the main factor here. The bigger the area, the more time is needed for the project to be completed. Also, we have to add a certain amount of time for paver sealing and curing. Contact our pros for more details!

How do you perform paving repairs?

Our paving repair professionals are available to rectify any holes, cracks, and breakage on your paved surfaces. More often than not, pavers are easy to replace once broken. Our technicians replace separate elements or entire pavements. To avoid major issues, we recommend using a quality sealant to make the pavers more weather-resistant.

Naturally, our contractor is available for one-on-one meetings and to answer all your further questions. For various and quality brickworks, call our team at (847) 281-5620. We will be delighted to turn all your dreams into reality.

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