Everything You Need to Know About Brick Pavers

Brick Pavers 101  

Brick pavers have steadily become a popular home improvement project, and with good reason. This is because they are quite simple to install, they are extremely versatile with regards to the installation of steps, pathways, swimming pools, driveways, and patios, well you get the general picture, and, they can be bought on a tight budget.

Pavers are usually manufactured using either clay, concrete, or stone. In material of what they are made from the shapes are often rectangular, however, there are other shapes available, but, at a price, and they include interlocking, hexagons, and irregular shapes.

Colors the brick pavers come in

A brick paver that is made from clay will have been fired at a high temperature in order for it to harden. They are usually rectangular in shape and are available in various colors ranging from white and yellow to a multitude of shades of red-brown and red. If you are looking for a more “worn in” look, often used brick is available at very little to no cost. While the aged look is frequently desirable, you need to bear in mind that you may need to chip the old mortar off the pavers with a hammer before you can install it.

Patterns for Pavers

Pavers can be installed using numerous patterns that range from rectangular to curved. Brick and brick-shaped concrete pavers can also be arranged to create several different patterns that include basket weave, herringbone, stacked bond, and running bond.

Installation of Pavers

Pavers may be placed on a concrete slab, bedded in mortar, or just dry-laid on a prepared base of gravel and sand. Laying a patio can be easily done by a competent DIY enthusiast.

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