Driveway Pavers and How to Keep Them Still

How Do You Fix Moving Pavers  

Driveway pavers can be a beautiful addition to most houses, however, over time and unlike most structures, they do move and shift. During the shifting, some pavers may become dislodged, and as such, they become uneven, move around, and will eventually pop out of place. So how do you fix this? With some time and the right materials, you can easily repair driveway paving.

How Do You Fix Moving Pavers

In this post, JO Brick Paving Inc will highlight a few tips on how to fix moving pavers.


Before you even break out your equipment and get to work, you first need to begin by inspecting the pavers. Look for any loose, broken, or even faded pavers. You should also look for uneven pavers. They could be tilted, higher, or even lower than the others. Then mark them with a piece of chalk, this will also be a good time to kill any weeds present in between the pavers too.

Removing the Pavers

Get rid of all the pavers that you marked off. When pavers are installed on your driveway, for example, they will sit on a bed of sand. Sand can often become almost as hard as concrete once it has dried. And, as such, you have to use a concentrated stream of water from your hose along the edges of the pavers you need to replace, reseat or remove. After a few minutes, the sand should have loosened up and you will have an easier time removing the pavers. You can even use a small pry bar to remove some of the sand around the edges. Once you have done this, repeat this process until all of the marked pavers are gone. Then simply replace the ones you removed, and voila, you are done.

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