Simple Ways of Cleaning Your Driveway

Brick pavers make any setting look more interesting. Your pavers will lose their finish over time, whether you use them to make a path through your garden, a patio, a pool deck, or a driveway. With a gentle cleaning solution, a stiff-bristled broom, and some new sand, you can fix your pavers. Here are 3 simple ways of cleaning your driveway from a driveway brick pavers service provider.

Clear Your Paved Areas

You need to move any furniture or potted plants that might make it hard to clean them. When cleaning, you want a clear surface with no things in the way. You should also cover any nearby plants that could be hurt by the water or chemicals in the cleaning products with a tarp. Make sure to cover metal things as well, these can get damaged.

Remove Any Moss And Weeds That Have Grown

Use a handheld brush with stiff bristles or a brush broom to brush away any moss that has grown on or between pavers. Pull weeds out carefully from between the paver joints. When all of the plant growth has been loosened, sweep the debris off of your prepared surface. If you pull a lot of weeds and remove a lot of the sand underneath (or if you haven’t re-sanded your pavers in a few years), you will need to re-sand your pavers when you are done cleaning.

Soak The Surface Of The Brick Pavers

Before you use soap or another type of cleaner to clean the paver surface, spray the whole area with water. At this point, you don’t need to power wash the area. The pavers just need to be wet so that they don’t soak up the cleaner and leave a cloudy film.

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